2012 Resolution: Increase Site Conversion Rates!

August 3, 2019 By lily

It’s well into January in 2012, and if you haven’t already made a New Year’s resolution for yourself – I’ve got one for you: to increase your site conversion rates.Now, what is a site conversion you ask?A site conversion can be many things. It can be an e-mail or newsletter sign up. It could be when someone shares your blog post on Facebook or twitter, when they posts a comment on it. It could be when a customer writes a review. Most of the time, though, it is a purchase – either the purchase of a product, a program, or something online. Essentially, a site conversion is just when a user completes an action on a website or when a user interacts with the business itself in a way that gives the business some headway – either by giving them a customer lead through an email sign up, giving them publicity by sharing content, or by giving them money through a product purchase.A site conversion is the lifeblood of an online business. So if your site conversions are low, something needs to be done about that – and quick.Next question you probably have: where do I learn how to increase conversions?Learning how to increase conversion rates is a tricky subject. There are many people and companies out there who will claim to be "experts" on the subject. But the truth is, very few are.Just this month though, a team of marketers and sales executives teamed up to create a ground-breaking program that will change all that. It’s called Core Site Conversion.Core Site Conversion teaches users how to increase conversion rates by appealing to their customer’s personality types. It reveals the four unique types of people that customers can fall into, and helps users discover how to sell, appeal to and please those customers online.It’s like a step by step guidebook on how to increase conversion rates – and you can do it all yourself. You’re not entrusting your website, your company’s face to the world to some random outsourced person in India. You’re learning to do the work yourself, step by step, until you see the results you want.So if you make increasing site conversion rates your New Year’s resolution for 2012, consider the Core Site Conversion program. You’ll learn how to increase conversion rates, and you’ll be seeing dollar signs in no time! It’s a must-have for any modern business owner!