What Exactly Is Vibrational Energy and Why Improves Human Super Strength

August 3, 2019 By lily

Human Super Strength and Vibrational StrengthIf you were to go to the hospital for an MRI where they might scan you, they’d tune the frequencies to what your body is vibrating to calculate your vibrational strength in a sense. It really is this way that human super strength, so to speak, can be measured and enhanced with nutrition, sleeping, and most importantly – developing a strong mind body connection.The question is – what is your body vibrating? Does it vibrate harmoniously with what you’re thinking? Plus, do those vibrations change from moment to moment and from person to person? Human Super Strength Can Be MeasuredYour vibrational energy calibrations  are as unique as each of our fingerprints and therefore are ever transforming and governed by our thoughts.What exactly are you vibrating when your boss declares he desires to see you in his office? Precisely what do you vibrate whenever someone close to you tells you they love you? Are the vibrations you sense just emotional OR do they also impact your strength on a physical level?Well, if you are with me already, I think you’d probably agree that if you want to obtain what many people might call optimal human super strength, you would constantly understand exactly how your mental, physical, and emotionally charged vibrational energy was employed from start to finish to maintain the highest peak performance levels.I think you’d agree that your vibrational frequencies change from day to day, from moment to moment, from situation to situation, etc.You’ll be well on your way to obtaining optimal human super strength when you learn to control them, as they will directly affect your every experience from the gym, to the office, and even  to the bedroom.Think for a second as if you were a concert pianist. A concert pianist plays the 88 keys and yet inside the piano, what’s making the music is how you are really controlling numerous strings and their very moaning.Take control of Your Vibrational Energy for Human Super StrengthIt’s these vibrations in your own body that alter your emotions and your audiences’ experience and generate exceptional human super strength or weakness. Those vibrations go invisibly through the air and impact people deeply – or NOT – depending how you press down those keys, enhance the timing, the sensitivity, the velocity, etc.Consequently, should you be a concert pianist, it would be your mission to know exactly how you create the most optimal emotional link to your audience by stimulating the most suitable vibrations of the strings at the best time – Plus , you’d need to know how to do that continually – that, or you’ll be mostly likely playing to empty rooms and have a very brief career!When I say you are in command of the vibrational energy of many strings, here’s what that means specifically. Each of the upper register notes have three strings per note – strung with such pressure that some of them equals around 3000 lbs. per square inch!The middle register strings go down to two strings per key. The lower notes are only one very thick string per note. Each and every string is a totally different length and thickness.Each of your 10 fingers is in command of a considerable amount of vibrations while you play – directed by your brain, heart, and fingertips.Okay, lets now do a comparison of playing the piano to an athlete looking for optimal peak performance as a pianist might. Instead of basically playing the keys and strings of the piano, – you "play your muscles" by instructing the intensities and the ebb and flow of each action with the vibrational energy and strength that’s caused by the fusion of all hemispheres of your brain merged together with you body and and emotions.You’ve often heard of an athlete who "plays with of lot of heart". It is actually those athletes which have the longer and successful careers frequently.Work Your Muscles Like the Strings of a PianoEach muscle has hundreds and hundreds of fibers with different thicknesses and tensions – much like the strings of a live concert grand piano. The intensity of the vibrations from your brain contracts and relaxes them.Too much tension means diminished strength, speed, and endurance. The correct amount can readily give you optimal human super strength in record time if you’re not fighting against yourself.You have to send precise frequencies to each and every muscle fiber to connect optimally with full capacity of contractions – which inturn equals strength and velocity – AND, you need to do it routinely and be conscious of exactly how youdo it the optimal way every time.It Is Important To Blueprint Your Vibrational Energy For Great/the most Impressive Strength and SpeedYou can’t build a house with out using blueprint but, very few athletes learn how to blueprint their vibrational energy to build optimal human super strength and endurance.Truly, to be in control of your muscle fibers, you have to be in charge of your brain and your emotions as well. But, how do you activate them ALL at the same time and to work with synergy? And, in such a wayt that, your very thinking doesn’t slow you down?You can seek to gain greater strength by doing just one more rep, one more set, day after day, the same old way. You may or may not get where you want. Optimum human super strength will be elusive unless you learn to fuse mind and body together properly by mastering the concept of vibrational energy mapping throught precise breath control and congruency of muscle actions and thought.Take Control of Your Vibrational Energy and Excel As an AthleteIf you want to be an athlete with maximum human super strength, wouldn’t it be intelligent and very good to learn how to master all kinds vibrational energy that will affect every aspect of peak performance?Yes, genuinely mastering your strength and unleashing human super strength is not just about doing another rep, set, or new exercises the same old way.Whether it’s muscles to music, the shape, the trajectory, the intensity of vibrations is what give us an emotional experience in music OR multiplied muscular strength in athletic performance. Why would they be different?!